Offset blanket

Patent name: rubber blanket for offset printing Patent No. 5 Publication No.: 1531486 Application Date: 2001.12.28 Public Day: 2004.09.22 Applicant: Jinyang Co., Ltd., Japan The present invention provides an offset blanket having a surface adhesive layer, a first base layer bonded underneath th-----!

Sweeping Gold: Unique Surface Finishing Technology

With the development of economy, the packaging of goods has received more and more attention from people. In order to make the packaging of goods more noble, increase the added value of goods, many packaging and printing companies like to use the imitation gold effect on the packaging of goods. Th-----!

Dust sprayer for printing

Patent name A type of powder sprayer used for printing Patent applicant Chen Xuexiang Principal applicant Address 334500 Xixiang Village, Jiaxuan Township, Qishan County, Jiangxi Province Inventor Chen Xuexiang Application (patent) No. 200420098908.2 Date of application 2004.11.12 Award date Appro-----!

How can plane design achieve "strategy" (Chin…

The road to graphic design There may be many different ways of designing a study because it is determined by the diversified knowledge structure of the design. Regardless of what you used to do or how you used to be, after entering the design field, your previous experience will affect you and yo-----!

Research and Application of Biodegradable Plastics (I)

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the protection of the global environment, the construction of a resource-recycling society, and the road to sustainable development have become hot spots and urgent tasks in the world. Biodegradable plastics have been identified as environmentally low-load m-----!