Plastic bottled brewed wine danger tragedy

It is understood that the fermentation of sugar in winemaking produces a large amount of gas, and the gas expands the fully closed container. therefore. Bottles containing homemade wine must have a third of the space left for fermentation, and the lid should not be too tight to prevent the danger of-----!

European PET Bottle Recycling Rate Increases Rapidly

The European PET recycling organization found that PET collected in Europe last year reached 1.13 million tons. Among them, the number of PET used for fiber regeneration increased, but the market share fell from 52% to 47%; the market share of PET for plates increased to 24%; the share of PET used-----!

New progress in research on wood preservatives

Wood is a natural organic material with obvious biological properties and is easily attacked by bacteria, insects, marine borers and other organisms. Before use, according to different application environments, the use of appropriate preservatives and proper treatment can effec-----!